all right. we're in this together!

hi im miri!!
23 • she/they • big lesbian(tm) • single
please read at least the first three links!

more about

here's an extended about sort of thing i guess
• u can call me miri
• 23
• virgo, september 6th
• demigirl
• she/her or they/them pronouns thanks!
• asexual lesbian
• im from new zealand
• im white and dfab please let me know if i say something out of place
• im autistic and i have social/situational anxiety (both professionally diagnosed)

im honestly not good at talking to people like at all but if we're mutuals i consider us friends and ur free to talk to me whenever!

i really love fire emblem, and i talk about it a lot!! i've played new mystery, awakening, fates (all three routes), echoes, and sacred stones (eirika's route), and i've watched a playthrough of genealogy of the holy war, as well as a playthrough of thracia 776. sacred stones is probably my favourite, though i love echoes a lot too, and im not too invested in fates anymore, though i do still like a handful of the fates characters

i also play fe heroes, and i do post a lot from that! if you wanna add me, my id is 2484081050

aside from fire emblem, im also really into kirby!! particularly star allies so you'll probably see a lot of that around here too! i also like dangan ronpa but i don't talk about that so much anymore

if we're mutuals, you can ask for my discord too!!


i don't even know why i have a separate page for this but

anyways, these are both Me:

• miriel (fire emblem: awakening)
• neimi (fire emblem: the sacred stones)

please don't follow if you share i don't do well with doubles. if you regularly interact with a double i won't follow back

before you follow

don't follow if

• you fit basic dfi criteria (homophobic, sexist, racist, etc.)

• we share ids

• you ship incest/pedophilia/abuse, or you think shipping those kinds of ships is ok

• yes, corrin x royals (on both paths) and azurrin do count as incest, don’t even try to discourse with me on this i want no part of it, just don’t interact with me at all in all honesty. this is my stance, and nothing anyone says to me will change my mind

• re: the three mage sisters, i understand there is some ambiguity surrounding whether they are actually sisters or not. i personally see them as sisters, and as such, there will be no shipping between them here. if you don't see them as sisters and you have a ship with them, you do you, but i'd prefer you to not follow me in that case

• you interact with user @/coffretchi

• ESPECIALLY don't even think about following me if you interact with @/mayuralthea (click here for more info)

other things to note

• again, im not good at talking to people, if you talk to me and i take a while to reply, or even don't reply at all, it's not your fault don't worry (especially if we're not mutuals!! sometimes i get nervous if a non-mutual talks to me)

• if you're a minor and im following you and you're uncomfortable bc of my age let me know and i'll unfollow no questions asked

• nsfw stuff makes me uncomfortable please keep that in mind

• if you want to tag me in stuff, you can tag me in pictures of my ids, pictures of my faves, or really anything that reminds you of me!!

my faves

hi i love these characters a lot it would make me really happy if you tagged me in pictures of them thanks!

♥♥♥ (im really gay for these characters):
• say'ri (fire emblem: awakening)
• kagero (fire emblem: fates)
• flora (fire emblem: fates)
• setsuna (fire emblem: fates)
• catria (fire emblem)
• laegjarn (fire emblem heroes)

other faves:
• tobin (fire emblem echoes: shadows of valentia)
• kyoko kirigiri (dangan ronpa)
• mukuro ikusaba (dangan ronpa)
• miu iruma (new dangan ronpa v3)
• joshua (fire emblem: the sacred stones)
• asbel (fire emblem: thracia 776)
• julia (fire emblem: genealogy of the holy war)
• the three mage sisters (kirby star allies) (especially francisca)
• taranza (kirby triple deluxe)